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"NO S.I.R." Film Series
Is IL education prepping kids to become sexualized, illiterate revolutionaries?

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This 10-part advocacy series titled "NO S.I.R." is for parents, educators, policy-makers, and communities.


The "NO S.I.R." overview:

"S" is for Sexualized modules will cover Senate Bill 818, Comprehensive Sex Education, and the National Sexual Education Lessons Grades K-12.

"I" is for Illiterate will cover the alarming reading and math profiency data across Illinois school districts which shows students are increasing failing their grade level. 

"R" is for Radicals will cover the political teacher union agendas, the radical infusion of activism in the classroom, the funding of failed "social emotional learning", and the assault on parental rights. 

Each module will average 5 minutes and the full series will be less than an hour of full viewing. The modules are designed for you to share with your networks to awaken others into why the upcoming April 4, 2023 local school board elections are SO important. Voting smart will keep your property taxes down while focusing on the best interests of the students and community. 


 Your donations are greatly appreciated to fulfill this effort in the coming months.