The Time is Now to Support Parental Rights

A group of state and national experts joined forces to compile this Awake Illinois

Parents Bill of Rights resolution. It will provide a template to reinforce the fundamental right of parents to make decisions regarding upbringing and eduction of their children.

The Awake IL Parent Bill of Rights was announced during public comment on April 20, 2022 to the Illinois State Board of Education.


April 25, 2022

All candidates for elected office in Illinois are invited to pledge support of a future Illinois Parents Rights Bill.

If your current or campaigning legislator is not yet listed as a supporter, please contact them and ask for a pledge.

Read the Parents Bill of Rights Proposal

With input from national and state experts in education, school choice, and parental rights,
this document is a draft for legislative consideration.
After the 2022 election, Awake Illinois looks forward dynamic collaboration
with parents, advocates, and elected officials on a Parents Bill of Rights initiative.

This document is not legally binding.


Watch the Announcements

" With two years of failed pandemic policies, an abysmal state schools report card, classroom activism/socialism replacing academics, and worrisome mental health stats of our youth, a sleeping giant has awakened and we go by 'Mom' and 'Dad'."   -Shannon Adcock, Awake IL President

The Awake IL Parent Bill of Rights was announced during public comment
on April 20, 2022 to the Illinois State Board of Education.

Read Article: "Parents, local education officials push back against Illinois' public school policies"
Greg Bishop | Center Square.

"Îllinois is going to be the difference. We shape up our schools, we start lifting up the family unit, we start saving our children. It's going to be Illinois in the next two years that's going to be the catalyst for that change for this entire nation. I look forward to leading the way.  - Darren Bailey, Candidate for IL Governor & First to Pledge Support 

Gubernatorial candidate State Sen. Darren Bailey is the first to sign the Awake IL
pledge supporting parental rights.
On April 24, 2022, Sen. Bailey and wife Cindy discussed their efforts founding Full Armor Christian Academy and why they support empowering
parents and families throughout the state of Illinois. 
Sign the pledge by uploading official letterhead with statement of pledge or send email from elected office email or campaign email address to
info@awakeil.com stating your support.
Listed signatures will hyperlink to the elected office/candidate site of all supporters. 
Upload Official Letterhead Statement

Thanks for pledging support!

We, the People, are united!



All seated and/or campaigning politicians for elected office are invited to pledge support.
This list serves as a snapshot for the Illinois constituency as to who publicly supports parental rights.
Thanks to all who are committed to this very important effort.
Please consider making an anonymous donation to support this advocacy.

Names are listed as pledges are received.